Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finding Eden

LEE: ‘Make a start on the Tropical House’, says The Boss. ‘You’ll find the door a bit stiff. No one’s been there since we closed down the Eden Project.’
Well, I didn’t want to ask why it had been closed, so off I trotted.
Blimey, I thought. Bit of a jungle in here. Still, a job ain’t gonna get finished till after you starts it, as me old granddad used to say, so I got going. Clearing, chopping, hacking bits away any old how, along the old path, Creepers, vines. Stuff from above. Stuff from below. Pretty tough some of them too, and all this sap and stuff dripping on to me where I cut them.
The rustling in the undergrowth made me a bit twitchy. I kept wondering whether there’d be any snakes. Not that I mind snakes. You kind of expect them in the jungle, but then again …Eden?
Then there was the calling. Almost human, like people laughing, and a sort of ‘there-all-the-time’ roaring too.
I made good progress though. I had a job to do and I wanted to impress the Boss. I mean, being my first day and all that. So I cut a kind of tunnel. About 4 feet high. I was getting a bit curious, ‘cos this path was going downwards.
Then, all of a sudden I pulled away a vine and there it was.
A clearing, and way over, right on the edge, a waterfall. Fair took my breath away. Harry hadn’t said nothing about a waterfall. Now the roaring sound made sense. Couldn’t see the top there was so much growth overhead, mind. but I could see the cascade. Narrow it was, like a spear of water. The air changed too. Suddenly it ‘d got much colder, and the ground was covered with puddles, and I gotta tell you, the rotting vegetation didn’t smell too fresh either.
Anyway, I had to go take a look at the pool. Blooming deep it was too, and the rocks all black and shiny where the water had splashed up.
And there they were too. Lots of little people, laughing and chattering on the other side of the waterfall, and pointing at me like a bunch of Oompa Loompas. Then one of them aimed one of those blow pipe things at me and I heard a hiss and I dodged to let it miss me, and my foot slipped on the rock and the next thing I know I’m lying flat on me back with all these faces looking down at me…

HARRY: Lee, ‘ow you getting on lad? Lee? Lee? Where are you? Oh, bugger...
-Office? Get me an ambulance right away. Over.
- What’s up, Harry? Over.
- Stupid new boy’ hasn’t even started the job yet. He’s slipped on the front door step and split his head open. If the expression on his face is anything to go by there are some interesting things going on in his dreams. Over and out.

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