Thursday, November 23, 2006

What a sight!

The New Forest, England.

So, in terms of a photo, I could do better.
It was as if it had been freshly painted in transparent water colours.
What more can I say?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What if... were 50 (ish) with grown up children and single. Just how do you meet a suitable man? I've been hearing about experiences with dating from a few friends. Some hysterically funny, some just plain sad. OK, the truth is that, as a novice writer, I've been asking around. There is a book in it somewhere. I even know the title.

Perhaps with internet dating the whole task is less daunting than replying to 'WLTM' ads. You can exchange e-mails anonymously for as long as you like and make a gut decision on whether to keep going before giving away your precious private phone number. You can see a photo - but is he lying about his height? If he says he is looking for a long-term relationship, does he mean longer than 4 hours? You just can't tell.

Jenny's most recent experience was with a man who sounded almost perfect for her. After a few chatty e-mails they exchanged phone numbers and he asked her out to dinner. At 11.30 the bar staff were clearing their throats as well as the tables, so it must have gone well. (I'd say a bunch of flowers would have been a good idea too, but then, I'm a romantic.)

She got a polite 'Thanks for the evening, I enjoyed it' text the following day. Then nothing.

She texted him - still very jolly, non-committal... and the reply came
'I asked one of my woman friends (He did what?) how I should tell you I don't want to take it any further, and she told me to say I was busy every time you got in touch... but I thought I'd better tell you the truth.' Ouch! It's a good job Tesco has got a good price on their Cuvee Prestige at the moment. Jenny needs it.

... and then there was the fireman... No, that'll have to wait.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Today's displacement activity...

... is writing this blog, communicating with other ex-OU Creative Writing virtual friends, doing the washing, avoiding the cleaning, walking the dogs, playing Free Cell... Anything rather than Humanities course work.

(Sweeping statement coming up)
I hate philosophy.

Block 1 of the OU course I am studying concludes with 'Reasoning'. There is a whole other language here that challenges the way in which I use the same words in everyday speech. I live in a 'words of one syllable, black is black and white is white' world.
Don't get me wrong - I don't have anything personal against philosophers, and those that challenge the status quo. I just can't get my head around the whole concept of wanting to argue 'just because ...' probably because I'll do anything for a quiet life.

So, can't put the moment off any longer. Once I've done this part of the assignment, I can wrap it up ready to send to my tutor.
Next Block - "The Colosseum".
Shame there's not a field trip involved.