Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aren't they lovely?

In view of the poem below, I just wanted to post a picture of our two fantastic Labs. They had just spent an hour splashing in a stream in the New Forest.

Sasha, on the right, will be 11 in November - she is pretty active for an old lady and will give young Wellington quite a run for his money.
The Boy-Wellington (who thinks we are incapable of bathing ourselves unaided) was 2 last May. Now there's a story for another day...


Telmis said...

What lovely dogs ... I miss mine.
Two years since they went within two weeks of each other. Both 15 yrs.

Can't have more! Borrow my grandaughter's sometimes!

John S

Wellington's mum said...

John S
They are wonderful company. I pretend I am not sentimental about my animals, but I lie.
I plan for at least another 3 or 4 healthy years with Sasha, but am already making plans for when she goes.